Best Shoes For Nurses On Feet All Day

Nurses are almost always on their feet. Whether it’s a casual day at the hospital or clinic or when an emergency comes calling, nurses need clear minds to work at their optimum. Something as simple as feet pains can take away that chance. Bad heel positioning, weak hold that makes the rear of the foot wobble and toes being pressed together from the sides are some of the negatives where shoes are concerned. The best shoes for nurses on feet all day need to incorporate both comfort and heel grip, not to mention a good firm support on the inside arches.

The Best Shoes For Nurses On Feet All Day 

Croc’s Mercy Work

best shoes for nurses on feet all day
This is one of the best brands for nurse shoes. Not only does Croc’s have style and elegance a lot of practicality goes into their shoes, especially all-day work pairs for nurses. A slip-resist tread is great for hospital work where tiles can get a bit slippery and having to balance on them while walking can add to the stress on your feet and lower legs. A simple heel strap, ideally designed, is made to hold your heel firmly in place and not allow for wobbling. Croc’s are known for their roominess, adding to the comfort factor. Small nubs on the sole work to massage your feet while standing or walking, making this product also a massage-oriented shoe.

Men’s Tummler Shoe

best shoes for nurses on feet all day
Another Croc favorite, this nurse-shoe for men looks great and feels ideal. With a slip-resistant outsole for quick maneuvering and an oiled-leather look for that stylish touch this shoe is made with a brushed polyfleece liner which is soft and comfortable and stays that way all day long. Croslite material used in the midsole section brings in some lightweight comfort with a firm lift so your inner arches don’t sit badly on the sole.

Dansko Men’s Professional

best shoes for nurses on feet all day
This highly practical shoe for male nurses comes in black and brown. The leather upper portion is great to look at while also being firm enough to hold your metatarsals in proper alignment with no unwanted pressure on any one digit. Not only is the polyurethane sole great for grip (the shoe has certified slip resistance) on polished tiles it makes for a smooth walk as well. The inner heel counter (there’s an approx. 2-inch heel height) holds your foot-rear, introducing support in one of the most important regions on your feet. The insole is designed with anatomy in mind, so you can expect your inner arches to have that perfect press and hold other nurse shoes for men are lax in.

Dansko Sonja Oiled And Box – White Box

best shoes for nurses on feet all day
The absorbent leather lining in this shoe for women nurses is great for when you want your feet to feel fresh for longer. The high toe-box in this product leaves enough space to walk without wobbling. The white look adds to its appeal with nurses. The four layers of the shoe’s body are in themselves very practical. The upper portion is water resistant, the insole is non-allergenic, the midsole is made of polyurethane and enhances comfort while the outsole, also made of the same material, ensures grip on polished floors. With an approx. 2-inch heel height and leather-lined insole this shoe is very practical and looks amazing too.

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